What is an Organisation?

In Brixx every plan is stored under an Organisation. An Organisation's number of plans, Organisation members and other features available on the Organisation are determined by which licence is applied to it. 

You can find pricing for Brixx licences here.

Each Organisation begins as a private planning area. You can invite Organisation members to share your planning area, or Guests to have access to particular plans under your Organisation.

Organisation Roles

Organisations have the following roles:

  • Organisation Owner 
    • The owner of the organisation. 
    • Full control over plans created in the organisation, and can see any plan made in the organisation. 
    • The only person able to invite new Organisation Members.
    • Invite Guests to plans.
  • Organisation Member
    • An invited member of the organisation. 
    • They benefit from the benefits of the licence applied to the organisation - for example being able to collaborate on plans and build new plans. 
    • Organisation Members can be given view or edit access to plans. 
    • Invite Guests to plans they have access to.
  • Licence Owner
    • The owner of the licence assigned to the organisation. 
    • Has access to the Manage Billing page.
    • Often this is the same person as the Organisation owner - but this role can be taken by any Organisation Member, or even Guest. 
    • The licence owner can assign and unassign licences from organisations they have access to.
  • Guest 
    • Not a part of the organisation, but invited to view or edit particular plans from an organisation.
    • Guest editors can invite other Guests to the plan/s they have access to.

New Organisations are added to your Organisation dropdown list whenever a plan is shared to you from a new Organisation.

Changing Organisation name and details

The name of your own Organisation can be changed on the Organisation tab by the owner of that Organisation. 

You can also update other details about the Organisation here. This tab will be visible to anyone you have shared plans to or invited to your Organisation. Only the Organisation Owner can edit these details.

Adding new Organisations

As mentioned at the top of this article, an organisation is a discrete planning space. 

Sometimes, you may wish to have more than one space - for example if you are an advisor working with three clients, you could create three Organisation and invite each client as an Organisation Member of their respective Organisation. 

This allows you to collaborate with users across many different Organisations, while keeping their plans and permissions completely separate from one another.

It's easy to set up a new Organisation. Once set up, you can choose to apply existing licences you already own to them, or buy new licences for them.

How to create a new Organisation:

  1. Click on the left dropdown where your Organisation name is (in this screenshot it is called "Company A")
  2. Click on the "+New Organisation" button
  3. In the new page that just opened, fill in all the fields for your new Organisation.
  4. Click on the Create Organisation button.