Let's say you have upgraded from a free trial to any of our packages or maybe you switched from the Startup package to the Business one. and your account still shows that is still in trial mode.

I know, it can be a frustrating situation, that's why in this article I will try to help you through some basic troubleshooting steps to help you fix this issue.

Method 1: Sign out and sign back into Brixx

Sometimes the issue is that your account just hasn't managed to update itself.

To fix that, all you have to do, is sign out, and then log back in.

Method 2: Contact us

If you have tried Method 1, and you are still facing the same issue, that means that more than likely the transaction you made is still being assessed. 

What does assessed means in this context you might ask? 

Simple, it means our payment gateway is still processing the transaction, usually it happens very quickly, but sometimes, for different reasons, the payment might take longer.

In that case, I would encourage you to contact us by clicking here.

We'll get back to you as quickly as possible within our support hours, which are 8:30-17:00 UK time, Monday-Friday.