You can connect a Brixx plan to Xero in 2 ways:

1. Create a Brixx plan built from your Xero chart of accounts.
2. Connect an existing Brixx plan to Xero.

Either way, you have the same options available to you for account matching, etc. 

This guide will take you through option 2 - connecting an existing Brixx plan to Xero.

If you have already built a Brixx plan and spent time on building a forecast, you can still connect your plan to Xero at any time.

This is a very similar process to creating a new plan directly from your Xero data, but there are a few differences.

Creating a new plan from Xero:

  • Initial forecast setup based on historical data in Xero
  • Plan structure setup based on your account structure
  • Opening balance filled out
  • Actuals imported for any historic periods

Connecting a plan to Xero after plan creation:

  • Initial forecast setup based on historical data in Xero
  • Plan structure setup based on your account structure
  • Opening balance filled out
  • Actuals imported for any historic periods

The differences here ensure that any forecast you have put time and work into does not get modified when you connect to Xero. This effectively means this process is purely about importing actuals and matching them correctly.

How to connect

  1. Open your Brixx plan
  2. Click 'Settings' in the top left of your screen
  3. At the bottom, click 'Connect this plan to Xero'
  4. Authorise your connection with Xero, choosing the Xero company you wish to connect to.
  5. Follow the steps to connect to your chosen Company:
    1. Confirm which Xero company to connect to
    2. Match your Xero accounts to Brixx's Profit & Loss headings
    3. Match your Xero accounts to Brixx's Balance Sheet headings
    4. Associate specific components to your Xero accounts to see variance split at a component level in your reports.

Viewing Xero actuals in reports

Once you have completed these steps Brixx will begin to import transactions and account information from Xero. These actuals will begin from the start date of your Brixx plan. 

Go to the Reports tab, select the report you wish to view, and turn the 'Show actuals' toggle on. 

Depending on the amount of actual data being imported, you may not be immediately able to view this actual information, as it is still being imported from Xero. 

This is a one-off process, however, and information will display quickly once it has imported.

NOTE: Cash actuals take more time to load than P&L or Balance Sheet actuals. As Brixx imports all cash transactions to build an accurate set of cash flow actuals, this process can take some time when first connecting a plan to Xero. 

While cash actuals are still loading, the Cash Flow report will not be viewable if you have the 'Show actuals' toggle on. To view your Cash Flow forecast without actual information, switch off the 'Show actuals' toggle.

To learn about how actuals from Xero are presented in the Brixx reports, and how to get the most of out of them, check out this guide, How to compare your Xero actuals with your Brixx forecast.

Making changes to account matching or component association

You may find that something is matched to an undesired account, or that you would like to see more detail by associating Xero accounts to specific Brixx components. 

You can manage this on the Xero panel, accessible at the top of the screen.

Here you will find the same matching screens you used to set up the matches between your Xero accounts and Brixx account headings. Changing the matching here will update which Xero accounts appear under each of the report headings in your Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

On the Component Associations tab you can also change which components are associated with particularly Xero accounts. This will influence what forecast data (from your components) is displayed on the same rows as Xero actual figures in your reports. 

Find out more about the differences between Brixx components and Xero accounts differences between Brixx components and Xero accounts here.

Updating data from Xero

When you update Data from Xero on the Xero tab, any new accounts added in Xero will be pulled across too, ready to be assigned to components in the Xero / Component Associations tab. Check out the full guide, here.