The Brixx + Xero integration is only available to users signed up to our Xero beta program. If you would like more information about the integration please get in touch.

Refreshing your data is required to pull the latest information that you've entered into Xero.

Beta note: this will automatically refresh every 24 hours on the full launch. For the beta, you’ll need to press this button each time you want to see the latest information from Xero.

Click the Xero tab at the top of the screen.

Click the refresh data button.

This will update the Xero actual data you see in your reports. It will also update any changes to your chart of accounts. 

If you’ve added any new accounts in Xero since the last update, you can also find them in the Xero tab where you refreshed your data.

Click on the Profit & Loss or the Balance Sheet tab (depending on the account type you added) in order to find it and change it’s matching heading if you need to.