What is Brixx?

Brixx is a financial modelling tool that produces detailed, expert level financial forecasts through simple methods.

It’s the ultimate financial decision making tool for small businesses as it enables rapid scenario testing that would take hours through other means.  

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting package for issuing invoices and bills, reporting on historical data and many other features for managing small business finance.

What does the integration do?

The integration of these two products adds powerful time-saving capabilities for users of both Xero and Brixx. Aside from the tools and features already available in standalone Brixx, this integration enables:

  1. Creating new forecasts from Xero historical data

  2. Automatically importing Xero actuals to compare against your Brixx forecast

Check out this handy diagram for how Brixx uses the data from your Xero company account:

1. Creating new forecasts from Xero historical data

Creating a new forecast can now begin with your Xero chart of accounts as a starting point. This will get you up and running with a model that already reflects the structure of your business. 

It’ll also automatically fill this forecast with some rudimentary numbers based on your historical performance.

2. Automatically importing actuals to compare against your forecast

Once your Brixx forecast is set up you’ll be able to view detailed actuals vs forecast reports as each month progresses. 

With your Xero company connected to your Brixx plan, Xero data will automatically import into Brixx.

This data will be categorised and matched against your Cash flow, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet forecasts instantly. You’ll be able to go straight to the analysis without having to spend any time at all generating these reports.

Working in Brixx with Xero data

After you’ve connected your Xero company and created your first forecast, you have the full power of Brixx modelling capabilities to explore the future.

Guides on using Brixx:

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