Cancel from the billing area

You can cancel your subscription on your billing tab, click 'Cancel subscription' next to your renewal date. You will need to confirm this action to complete it. Once confirmed, your subscription benefits will still continue until your next billing date, at that point it will end. If you change your mind you can click 'stop cancellation' to cancel this action so that your subscription continues as normal.

What happens to your plans

All your plans remained saved should you wish to return to Brixx. If you are on a package that has additional plan slots that you have used, you may find that some have been deactivated and can't be opened. When you purchase a new subscription, these will become active again. In addition, if your plans contain forecasts greater than 1 year in duration then you will not be able to view your dashboard or reports beyond this period until you resubscribe.

What happens to your team

Your team members will be removed. However, they will still remain on plans they had access to as viewers and so will still stay on your People page.. When you purchase a new subscription you can invite them back to your team from there.