Upgrading whilst on the trial

If you are on a trial or the Basic version you can press the orange upgrade button in the top right of your screen from anywhere in the app. On this page you can choose your package and use the toggle at the top to switch between monthly and annual subscriptions. One you have chosen your product, you'll be taken to the payment cart to enter your card details and complete your purchase.

Please note that our products are recurring subscriptions and you will be automatically charged each month or year depending on which subscription you choose. The annual subscription presents a substantial 20% saving.

Upgrading from one version to another

If you already have a version, you can upgrade to a higher tier or change from monthly to annual billing. To do this, go to the 'Billing' tab inside your account area. Here you can click 'upgrade package' underneath subscription. This will take you to a new page that shows what upgrade options are available to you. Upgrading in this way will start a new billing period from the day of the upgrade. Due to this, the upgrade price will be reduced by a prorated amount depending on how long left you had on your existing subscription.