What are Organisations?

Organisations allow you to add multiple people to your account under one licence. These teams of users consist of an Organisation owner and several Organisation members and is a feature available on our Business and Pro packages. 

What can Organisation owners do?

The Organisation owner is the owner of the account. They can also be the licence owner, but this can be managed by another user. 

If you are still on a trial period, the Organisation owner will be the first person to send an invitation out to another person to join the team. The Organisation owner is the only person who can manage all plans on the account and invite other Organisation members. Organisation owners will automatically have access to all plans created on the account by other Organisation members.

What can Organisation members do?

They can create new plans on your account however they can't delete plans unless they are the plan owner (the plan owner is the person who first creates a plan).

Organisation members can't see the billing area unless they are the Licence owner, and they can't invite people to your team.

Organisation members can share plans. Whilst they can't add team members, they can adjust existing Organisation members' permissions on plans and they can also invite Guests to plans. 

How to invite an Organisation member

Only the Organisation owner can invite new members. You can invite new members in two ways:

On the People page

  1. Click on the People tab in your account area
  2. Click 'invite organisation member'
  3. Enter the email address of the person you wish to join and click send
  4. They will receive an email notifying them that they have been invited to the team.

Note - this method also provides you with a tick box option to give this user editor access to all existing plans on the account. This will not give them access automatically to new plans created later on though.

On a plan

  1. With a plan open, click the +share button in the top right
  2. Click the orange + icon next to the Organisations member access title.
  3. Choose whether this member should have viewer or editor access to this plan
  4. Enter their email and press 'send invite'

Note -  this will give the team member access to just this plan and no other plans on the account. 

In addition, if someone is already invited to one of your plans as a Guest, you can invite them to your Organisation by clicking the 3 dot options button next to their email address on plan sharing area. This gives you an option to invite them to your Organisation if you have room.

Giving Organisation members access to plans

Organistion member access is managed in the sharing panel for each plan. This can be access by click the + icon on a plan tile on the 'Plans' tab or clicking the +share button inside a plan itself. Any Organisation member on your account will appear on this panel, even if they do not have access to that plan (in which case they will have 'No access' text by their email address). In the example below mary.brown@brixx.com does not have access yet. 

The book icon represents viewer access. The person with a pencil represents editor access. Clicking the cross on the right hand side will remove access from the plan. If someone has no access, you can click either the viewer or editor icon to provide this option. You can learn more about viewer and editor permissions here.

We have adopted a careful approach to giving Organisation members access to plans which may contain sensitive financial information. By default, Organisation members will not be given access to new plans on the account and Organisation members can be invited to an account with no access to any plans at all. However, the Organisation owner will always have access to every plan created on the account by any Organisation member. 

The Organisation owner can quickly see an overview of access on the Plans page. Each plan tile has a sharing icon with a number on it representing how many people have access to that plan. 

Removing an Organisation member from your account

The Organisation owner can remove an Organisation member either on the People page or inside a plan. Both use the same method.

  1. Click the 3 dot options icon next to the team member email address on the left side.
  2. Click 'remove from Organisation'
  3. Confirm the action

This person will be moved from your Organisation and placed in the Guests area. They will still have viewer access to plans they had access to when they were on your team. You can completely remove them from plans by clicking the cross next to their name on the share panel for each plan.