You are trying to open a component and the 'loading' message just keeps spinning.


Open an Incognito or Private browser and sign into Brixx. If components open correctly in Incognito/Private browsing, the issue is likely due to incorrect cache/cookies being stored in the browser. 

If components still do not load in Incognito/Private browsing get in touch with us:


Sometimes browsers can store information that sets webpages to not perform properly. The two types of information stored are cache and cookies.

The following methods are for Google Chrome:

Step 1: Clear Cache and Hard Reload:

1. Right click anywhere on the Brixx browser window. Select 'Inspect'. This brings up a window of the page's code at the bottom of the page. But you can ignore this.
2. Right click on the 'Reload this page' (circular arrow) icon to the left of the website address field. Select 'Empty Cache and Hard Reload'.

3. Close the browser tab.

Step 2: Remove Brixx Cookies:

We advise you do not remove all of your cookies! This will remove saved website data for other sites. Instead, you can remove only Brixx cookies from your browser by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings (in the 3 dot menu in the top right of Chrome).

2. Click Advanced at the bottom of the Settings menu.

3. Select Content Settings.

4. Select Cookies.

5. Scroll down and you will see a search field above a list of all of your cookies. Type "Brixx" into the search field.

6. Click the waste bin next to the Brixx cookies to remove them.