Selecting items

Any section,group or component in your model can be moved,copied or deleted. All of these options can be achieved through the same menu. First, you have to select the item you wish to edit. To do this, click on the small square to the left of any row to tick that item. If you select a section, it will also select everything inside that section. Likewise, selecting a group will select everything inside that group. Once you have selected an item, you'll see a new panel on the right hand side showing what is selected and providing you with options.

Selected items panel

Selected options

1) Delete - deletes all ticked items (requires confirmation)

2) Copy - copies all selected items, placing a copy below the original. (require confirmation)

3) Move up - moves selected items up one row. This option is only available if you choose items in the same location.

4) Move down - moves selected items down one row.This option is only available if you choose items in the same location.

5) Move components - allows you to choose a group to move all selected components to. This will ignore any groups or sections you have selected.

6) Move groups - allows you to choose a section to move all selected groups to. 

Reordering with drag and drop

You can also drag any section, group or component from their name to reorder your plan. So you could reorder your groups by positioning your mouse over a group name, clicking and holding to move it below another group by dropping it below. You can use this to move components between groups or moving groups between sections too.