Brixx is built from the ground up to be a powerful testing environment for your business. It's a forecasting tool which means it's all about helping you navigate through an uncertain future and plan different ways you could grow and expand. Ultimately it's about aiding you make the best decisions for your business. We provide a number of tools and plan building methods to support this. 

Once you have a basic plan built up we encourage you to start experimenting.

Components and their role in scenarios

Before we get into tools it's worth digging into the fundamentals of why Brixx works as such a good testing environment over say, a spreadsheet. If you have built a plan already, you'll know that it's built from building blocks called components. These separate the process of inputting your numbers from viewing your outputs. It means that you enter numbers once in a dedicated location and the software takes care of all formulas and calculations required in presenting those numbers through the suite of reports and charts available in Brixx.

Given this, you can trust that whatever you do, be it copying, changing, moving or modifying any part of your plan in any respect, every output will keep up with you and stay updated and error free. This means that you can cut out a huge amount of time normally spent double checking formulas and making sure everything is posting in the right location because Brixx handles it for you. Change anything to quickly test any scenario you like and immediately see it in your charts and reports.


The following are general tools that are useful for testing out different ideas. They often work well in combination with each other.

  • Copy make a copy of any section, group or component to create different versions
  • Copy plan in the 'my plans' account area copy an entire plan to try out different versions.
  • Report drill downs compare different versions of sections, groups or components in your reports by drilling into rows.
  • Enable disable turn any part of your plan on or off to see how it affects your outputs
  • Timeline move any component or group of component in time to test how different dates make a difference to your plan