Sales forecasts in Brixx

Your sales forecasts are entered into income 'components'. Each income component could represent a type of product or service you sell. If you have a lot of products or services, you may want to consider consolidating them down into one component.

To add a new income component, click the +Add components button in the area of the plan you want to add to. Then click the green income button to add a product. 

Setup options

At the top are two options you can toggle between:

  • Income lets you enter your expected forecast.
  • Income per unit will let you choose a price and a unit volume of sales you expect. 

Delay options

This dropdown controls your cash terms. If you receive the money for an order later then you can set this up here. This will mean the revenue is recognised immediately on your profit & loss report but the actual cash will be delayed on your cash flow report.

+ADD COST OF SALES Click this to add a new direct cost to the plan on the left hand side underneath this income. Click the row to begin editing it, you'll be able to enter a cost that will calculate based on the sales entered in this income component.

View the cost of sales guide

+ADD INVENTORY can be used to model your purchase of inventory. It has options for buying several months of stock in advance, replenishing as your sales diminish your supplies and also setting a percentage write-off rate. Like cost of sales, clicking this will add a new asset component to the model on the left hand side.

View the inventory guide

Starting a sales forecast later into your plan

To start your income forecast later on, head to the timeline. Here you can drag the start dates to the month you wish them to start. 

Timeline guide

Take a look at our component tips guide. This covers the different ways you can enter your data that are universal to all types of components.

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