When a plan is created its start date is set. Start date is always a specific monthly of a specific year. For planning purposes, it is assumed that the plan starts at the start of the month selected.

The start date you select can be changed once the plan has been created. Please note - changing a plan's start date will have consequences if you have already added items to the plan. The dates of all components in the plan will change, as components will preserve their position on the plan's timeline relative to the plan's start point. For example, if a plan starting in January is changed to start in February, then items which previously started in February will be changed to start in March, preserving their start points relative to the beginning of the plan.

To change the plan start date, go to Settings/General Settings.

  1. Under Plan start date, select the starting month and year from the dropdowns provided.
  2. Click Save if you want to keep the newly selected start date, otherwise, click Cancel.