A Brixx plan is a model of your business which you build using different financial building blocks to represent different parts of the business. A plan also contains reports and charts derived from these building blocks. 

Where are my plans stored?

You can find your plans in your Account area on the My Plans tab. You need to be signed in to see your Account area.

How can I create a new plan?

First sign in, then go to your Account, then My Plans and click on the Create New Plan tile. If you cannot see this tile then you have used all of your plan slots. You can delete plans in order to free up slots, or subscribe for more plan slots if you are registered.


Can I delete or copy plans?

Yes! Go to your Account, then My Plans. At the bottom of each plan tile are icons for copying and deletion.


How many plans can I have?

If you have registered you can make up to 3 plans. If you are paying for a subscription you can make up to 10 plans.


Can I send someone my plan?

Yes! Use the +share button inside your plan to invite viewers and editors.