Adding Your Sales in Brixx

In Brixx you can forecast multiple different products and services you expect to sell. 

You don't just create a long list of products - In Brixx you organise them into Groups and Sections. These allow you to organise your products into different categories. It also allows you to see totals of different Groups of sales in your products allowing you to see how different parts of your business are performing.

Sales can be automated each period based on an amount of income or amount of income per unit sold. Or you can enter them manually in a grid. You can also setup cost of sales to calculate automatically based upon the amount that you sell.


  1. Click ADD SECTION and call it Sales.
  2. Click ADD GROUP to add a Sales Group. Add more to organise different types of products.
  3. Click COMPONENTS under Sales Group 1
  4. Click the INCOME button to add and name a product. Click multiple times for more products.
  5. Click a product to start entering your data. Press SAVE CHANGES to commit. Continue through all your products.

In Detail

In a new plan click ADD SECTION and call it Sales. 

You can name sections what you like, for example if you are a bike shop you could call it Bike Sales

Click ADD GROUP inside the Sales section you just created.

You can keep the name 'Sales Group 1' or name it something more specific like Mountain Bikes or Road Bikes

To add a product or service click the green Income button. Name it after a product you sell.

Click the Income button multiple times to add multiple products. You can continue to add more components later by pressing the 'COMPONENTS' button at the bottom of any group.

Once they have been added. Click on any Income line under Sales Group 1 to add data. The default setup allows you to enter a figure which is repeated every month. You can change the month frequency to quarters or years with the dropdown.

When you are happy press SAVE CHANGES to commit the numbers to your plan.

You can also enter your sales as an Income amount per unit. Click the Income per Unit option at the top of the form. You will now have the option to enter a price per unit and an amount of units sold per period.

Click Show as table to show a grid of numbers. This allows you to manually enter your numbers each period.

Click FILL TABLE in the top left of the grid to provide you with options for quickly filling the grid. You can also use this to grow your numbers automatically each period by a percentage or fixed amount. Choose an end date to stop this growth.

The best way to model sales forecasts in Brixx
To make the most of Brixx it's worth organising your products into a structure. If you have lot's of products, you should consider using multiple Sections for big categories which you then divide up further with Groups.

This bike shop sells various types of bikes, lots of bike accessories and bike services. These have been split into different sections you can see on the far left. Bike Sales has been split into two groups, Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes with the various different bike sales lines underneath. 

When it comes to reports, this allows you to see sales totals for the sections. You can then breakdown the sections further into their individual Groups and Component products.

It's worth taking a moment to think about your business structure so that you can divide up your products and make the most out of Brixx.