How can I upgrade my account to a subscription?

You will need to have created a free account first. Once you have, sign in and go to the Upgrade tab. Choose whether you want to purchase a monthly or annual subscription and then follow the link to the checkout.

Once you have completed payment your order will be processed and your account will be upgraded. Please note this is not always immediate and can take several minutes to be completed. You will need to refresh your page or sign out and sign back in again to see upgrade.

How do I change from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription?

If you currently have a Monthly subscription and wish to change to an Annual subscription sign into Brixx and go to the Billing tab. At the top of the Subscription area you will see the amount you are paying for your subscription - either monthly or annual. Next to this is a 'switch' link - this will enable you to change your subscription from monthly and annual. As you already have a monthly subscription the cost of your annual subscription will be prorated to reflect the period you have already paid for.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sign into your Brixx account and go to the Billing tab. In the top section, 'Subscription', you will see your next subscription renewal date with a 'cancel' link next to it. Click 'cancel' and confirm you wish to cancel your subscription on the popup that appears. You subscription benefits will cease at the end of your current billing period and you will not be charged again unless you choose to re-subscribe.

What happens to my plans when my subscription expires? 

If you have plans longer than 1 year duration then the additional years will no longer be available if your subscription expires. If you have more than 3 plans then you will be prompted to choose 3 to keep active. Inactive plans cannot be opened but remain on your account. When you re-subscribe your plans will regain their original duration and inactive plans can be used again.