Update Release Notes 14/06/18

New Features:

  • 5x faster report and dashboard load speed

  • Asset - New Depreciation options. We have introduced three new depreciation options:
    • Straight line - depreciates the asset over its duration on the Timeline. The asset’s value is reduced to 0 over this period, at the end of which it can be sold or written off.
    • % of latest value - depreciates the asset by a % each month, each time basing its initial value on the last month’s value. This leads to a smooth curve of depreciation, reducing slightly each month.
    • Manual - if you want to make manual depreciation adjustments - now you can! Model the drop in an asset’s value precisely, or use this option to ensure that your assets are recorded exactly as they are in your accounts, rather than using % assumptions.
  • Loan
    • Manual Interest. Loan interest can now be entered as a manual amount per month for some loan types - and a new loan type has been introduced to handle manual interest and capital repayments.
    • Manual Capital Repayment. Loan capital repayments can now be entered manually on several loan setups, with % interest rates working off the remaining loan principle. This allows you to model ad-hoc payments and overpayments.
  • Investment
    • Grow by %. Previously, Investment components could only grow in value by an amount per period. Now you can, more naturally, grow investments by a % of their current value.
    • Investment Fees. Many investment platforms have fees associated with them. You can now enter these fees as either an amount or a % of the Investment’s value.
    • Profile Sale. Previously Investments could be sold in full on their end date (the point at which their component row ends in the Timeline). Now you can sell as much, or as little as you like throughout the duration of the Investment component.
  • Employee
    • Number of employees table. This input now has a Table button, which allows you to edit the number of employees in each Employee component over time. You could model increasing the number of staff at this salary level over time, or use the new table to set up seasonal staff at a certain pay grade.
  • Report frequency now defaults to Years when set to entire plan duration.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Delayed components fixed. New Equity and Employee components added since the last update were being affected by the income and cost delays set in Finance Settings. Now these delay controls have returned to just affecting Income, Operational Costs and Cost of Sales components.

  • Timeline and table issues. Under certain circumstances, end cells in tables could be set to 0 when moving items on the Timeline. This only affected inputs set to table and only if certain Timeline movements were made:    

    • Components whose start dates were moved forwards, then had their inputs set to Table, and then had their start date moved backwards on the Timeline had a number of cells equal to the months move replaced by 0, start from the end of the table.

  • Inventory fixes. Inventory produced incorrect figures in with some Quarterly and Yearly income setups, and in some circumstances purchased too little inventory in the first month. 

  • Asset depreciation fix. If an asset completely depreciated during the course of the plan that depreciation would continue to place figures onto the P&L and Balance Sheet after the Asset was depreciated to 0 value, if its Timeline end date was not adjusted.