Known Bugs

Release Known Bugs


In an effort to be as open as possible about our development process, here is a list of bugs we know about. We are not perfect and we don't have infinite resources so there will always be some bugs that creep through our testing process. We think it's important for you to know that we aren't going to hide away and pretend they don't exist. We'll be as open and honest as we can and try and get everything fixed as soon as feasible.


The following list is not a complete list as there are many minor bugs not worth mentioning here. If you encounter anything not on this list please let us know via a ticket or in the 'Report a bug' forum. We would be very grateful for your feedback.


Updated 07/06/2018


  • If you move a component with an input set to Table on the Timeline it can cause the final cells of the table to be blanked. There are very specific cases where this occurs. The component must either:
    • Have been set to Table after its start date was changed on the Timeline, and then have its start date moved back to one of the previous months of the plan.
    • Have a component with an input set to Table that has an end date earlier than its Group's end date on the Timeline. Then, drag the end date of the Group back before the end date of the component.



  • We have a report / dashboard speed improvement in the works, due for release in June 2018.



  • Equity dividends set to % of sales skip a month if a second Equity component of the same setup is in the same Group.
  • Asset depreciation continues to post to reports after the asset has been fully depreciated.
  • Inventory purchases are incorrectly timed in the first quarter or year when the Inventory's Income component is set to Quarterly or Yearly. 
  • Inventory write-off can post positive figures if the Income that Inventory purchases are based off is Quarterly or Yearly. 



  • We have not optimised the interface for tablets yet. Entering data and moving items in the plan needs improvements on mobile devices in general, but they can be used for displaying outputs adequately.



The Brixx Team