Welcome & Forum Rules

Thank you for visiting the Brixx forums. These forums are intended for the discussion of topics related to the browser-based business modelling product Brixx. 

Please follow the following rules while on our forums:

  • Be civil and polite in your discussions. 
  • We would urge you not to place private/personal information in this forum, as it is accessible to the public.
  • Keep discussions on topic.
  • Do not post as multiple different users.

Content which we deem inappropriate is strictly off limits. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • External links.
  • Words, images or links which could be considered not safe for work.
  • Aggressive, threatening, discriminatory or impolite language.
  • Topics clearly unrelated to businesses or business modelling.
  • Selling, advertising, soliciting, etc.

Thank you for following these rules, we hope you enjoy using our forums.

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